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Boevers Staff

Teacher home pages - if listed - are maintained by the individual teacher, including planning time, syllabus and daily schedule. If you have a question, please contact the teacher or principal at that school.

Carmen Addison
Arrica Bailey
Mary Barry
Ashley Bates
Michelle Bensch
Alicea Berry
Mindi Bisdee
Angela Briggs
Kimberly Calderwood
Amy Canales
Emily Corriveau
Elizabeth DeVore
Hannah Downs
Mylie Ellis
Ana Estrada
Jessica Hart
Allison Harvey
Brenda Hoxsie
Fatiha Karimian
Song Lee
Sarah Leonard
Lydia Leslie
Charlene McWilliams
Andria Mitchell
Michelle Naylor
Allie Newburn
Megan O'Kane
Amy Page
Judy Paul
Angie Clift
Brianna Rittgers
Rachel Shelby
Melisa Shepard
Amy Smith
Virginia Soukup
Emily Tinker
Mrs. Waterhouse
Jacque Wiles
Christine Williams