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9th Grade Center Staff

John Federline
John Federline

Estella Evans
Assistant Principal
Estella Evans 

Kenneth Moore
Assistant Principal
Kenneth Moore

Teacher home pages - if listed - are maintained by the individual teacher, including planning time, syllabus and daily schedule. If you have a question, please contact the teacher or principal at that school.

Erin M. Ackley
Yolanda Aguirre
Katerina Alder
Rebecca Allende
Jesse Bair
Debbie Baker
Paula Baugher
Andria Benedetti
Arynn Biggs
Jon Biggs
Pamela Boller
Andrew Bontrager
Valda Buchanan
Lauren Campos
Monica Carreno
Lisa Cole
Beatriz Cisneros
Brandi Cook
Brandon Coons
Courtney Crow
Jayce Crowder
Derek Davidson
Angela Davis
Garneita Davis
Bethany Depue
Sonia Donnell
SanDee Dragoo
Estella Evans
Kelsey Fallis
John Federline
Millie Gamble
Andrea Gattenby
Frank Geary
Anita Gennetay
Linda Ghali
Randall Gibson
Jennifer Gonzalez
Debbie Greever
Deanna Hadden
Eddie Hamilton
Patrick Harris
Denise Haynes
Jaime Henderson
Diana Hill
Natalie C. Jabbour-Sidawi
Debra Jurgens
Kyle Kemp
Ryan Klerekoper
Joyce Knighten
Rose Lambert
Heidi Launius
Audrey Lee
Michael Lobmeyer
Tracy Lohman
Kevin Marcum
Amanda Mehringer
Ronald McCool
Jan McKethan
Chad Mikell
Kenneth Moore
Jessie Myers
Cynthia O’Donnell
Benjamin Peralta
Amanda Peregrina
David Poindexter
Myriam Puleo
Mark Ritter
Jason Rowley
Lynette Ruder
Tony Schneider
Denise Schultz
Stephen Scott
Jessica Shannon
Maria Smith
SMSgt Dan Snow
Bryn Sofield
Luciana Souza
Jeffrey Spatz
Kate Stafford
Lori Stall
Martina Stamatoyannakis
Lauren Stauffer
Laurie Stonebarger
Paula Surface
Jesse Sutmiller
Jennifer Tempest
Brandy Terronez
Diane Thomas
Darin Thompson
Test Triad
Marianne Warnken
Isaiah Washington
Christopher Watts
Travis Webb
Nicole Wheeler
Sandra Williams
Thad Wilson