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Bond Issue 2015

Building Our Future Together
$27-Million Bond Issue - VOTE Tuesday, February 10

Passage WILL NOT increase taxes above traditional levels!

Union voters will go to the polls Tuesday, February 10, to decide an important $27-million bond issue. Among the larger proposed projects are completion of Phase II of the 8th Grade Center expansion; additional classrooms at Rosa Parks Elementary; pre-construction and site preparation for Elementary #14 at 12000 E. 31st St.; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and other instructional equipment/software; and library books/textbooks.

Other projects include HVAC equipment, parking lots and sidewalks, flooring, painting and renovation projects; extensive renovation at Andersen Elementary; equipment replacements; district computer-driven program updates/renewals; and technology allocations for each school site. Passage of the bond will not raise taxes above traditional levels for the district.

Download a PDF of the Communicator - Special Bond Election edition.



$27-Million Proposition at a Glance
(Passage WILL NOT increase taxes above traditional levels!)

Phase II 8th Grade Center Expansion - additional classrooms; Fine Arts performance space improvements; athletic field improvements  $9,100,000.00
Additional Classrooms at Rosa Parks 
Elementary #14 Phase I - architectural fees, preconstruction expenses, demolition and utilities, and other related construction costs $1,500,000.00
Districtwide Textbooks, Media/Library Books, STEM, Technology, Software Licenses & Subscriptions  $5,368,750.00
Site Allocations - capital expenditures, technology equipment & software; projects at each school 
$  805,000.00
Athletic, Fine Arts & Spirit Uniforms, Instruments, Equipment & Technology  $  626,250.00
Maintenance & Operations including, but not limited to, safety & security upgrades; HVAC equipment including rooftop units; parking lots & sidewalks; flooring, painting & remodeling/renovation projects; vehicles; architectural fees, engineering & other professional services $3,300,000.00
Rosa Parks Early Childhood Center Building - payment toward purchase of the building  $1,000,000.00
Contingency & Bond fees and expenses 
Total  $27,000,000.00