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Bond Issue 2016

Forging Ahead
$27-Million Bond Issue - VOTE Tuesday, February 9

Passage WILL NOT increase taxes above traditional levels!

The merging of four small school districts in 1919 forged Union Public Schools—now considered a premier Oklahoma district, which is nationally recognized for outstanding Early Childhood Education, Community Schools, STEM initiatives and College/Career readiness. On Tuesday, February 9, voters are asked to continue to invest in Union’s students and the district’s excellence—to forge ahead with projects to accommodate growth and provide the facilities, school buses, equipment and technology our students could not have without successful school bond elections.  

Download a PDF of the Communicator - Special Bond Election edition.

$27-Million Proposition at a Glance
(Passage WILL NOT increase taxes above traditional levels!)

Proposition I - Capital Improvements  
Union Elementary #14 Phase I - A new Community School, scheduled to open Fall of 2017
    with approximately 500 students    
Districtwide Textbooks, Media/Library Books, STEM, Technology, Software Licenses & Subscriptions  
$ 3,990,000.00
Site Allocations - Capital expenditures, technology equipment & software; projects at each school     $500,000.00
Athletic, Fine Arts & Spirit Uniforms, Instruments, Equipment & Technology     $450,000.00
District Replacement and Remodel Projects - Carpet, roofing, exterior renovation, and remodel projects.  
Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment - For new classroom wing at Rosa Parks Elementary.    $175,000.00
Maintenance & Operations - Needed building equipment and projects throughout Union’s 19 school sites.     $1,885,000.00
Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center Building - Payment toward purchase of the building     $500,000.00
Contingency & Bond Fees and Expenses    $1,500,000.00
Total for Proposition I $25,500,000.00
Proposition II - Transportation: 8 regular route and 2 special services buses   $1,500,000.00
Combined Total  $27,000,000.00


Passage will not increase taxes above traditional levels!