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Bond Issue 2017

Love Union
$26-Million Bond Issue - VOTE Tuesday, February 14

Passage WILL NOT increase taxes above traditional levels!

Engaged and Loving Union

Give them opportunities and watch them shine! Union students are more engaged in school than ever. That’s important, because the more engaged they are, the more likely they are to do well in school.

Thanks to Union’s supportive community, our students have many opportunities to excel: Excellent academics; award-winning theater, art, and music programs; 167 non-competitive intramural teams; 23 competitive sports, and a rich array of clubs and organizations at every level. 

This February 14, we are asking patrons to vote on important capital expenditures to ensure we don’t skip a beat when it comes to building, equipping and maintaining needed facilities; purchasing books, technology and equipment districtwide; and providing students involved in athletics, spirit, and band the instruments, uniforms, equipment and technology those programs require. 

Our students are the heart of our district.  What better time than Valentine’s Day to celebrate Union students and this community’s love for them?  No flowers or chocolate needed; just remember to vote this Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 14!

Download a PDF of the Communicator - Special Bond Election edition.

$26-Million Proposition at a Glance
(Passage WILL NOT increase taxes above traditional levels!)

Union Elementary #14, Phase II     $11,000,000
District Roof Replacement Project     $900,000
High School Chiller Replacement/HVAC Equipment     $750,000
Darnaby HVAC System Replacement, Phase I    $1,000,000
Districtwide Textbooks, Media/Library Books, STEM Tools, Technology, Software Licenses & Subscriptions    
Site Allocations - Capital expenditures, technology equipment & software; projects at each school     $490,000 
Athletic, Fine Arts & Spirit Uniforms, Instruments, Equipment & Technology    $400,000
Maintenance & Operations - Professional services and needed building equipment and projects.     $5,158,000
Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center Building - Payment toward purchase of the building     $500,000 
Contingency & Bond Fees and Expenses     $1,200,000
Combined Total  $26,000,000


Passage will not increase taxes above traditional levels!

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