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 Christine Bunyard

Christine Bunyard / Biography
Director of Payroll

Phone: 918-357-6060
Fax: 918-357-6055

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Forms are updated regularly, often annually. Please verify that the form you are using is correct.

Paycheck Diagram - Download

Please click on the paycheck diagram to learn where the following is located on your paycheck stub:
  • 1. Check/Advice Amount
  • 2. Direct Deposit Bank
  • 3. W-4 filing status and exemptions
  • 4. Gross Pay
  • 5. Employee Contributions/Deductions
  • 6. Employer Paid Benefits/Contributions
  • 7. Leave Balances
  • 8. Net Check
  • 9. Taxable Wages
  • 10. Taxes Withheld

Frequently Asked Questions

When are paydays? Pay Schedule 

  • Paydays are on the 10th and 25th of each month. For hourly employees, time worked the 1st through the 15th is paid on the 25th. Time worked the 16th through the last day of the month is paid on the 10th.
  • If the 10th or 25th falls on Saturday we pay on Friday. If they fall on Sunday we pay on Monday.
  • 10 Month Certified Employees will receive regular payroll checks on June 10th and 25th. They will receive a Balloon Payment (was referred to as a lump sum in old system) on or about June 30th. The payment will be 4x salary and 4x deductions in place of regular checks for July and August. Returning certified teachers next check will be September 10th.

How does direct deposit work?

  • Direct deposit is a condition of employment with the district per Board Policy.
  • A Union direct deposit form will need to be completed with a voided check or pre-printed form with your routing and account information on your bank’s letterhead. Deposit slips cannot be used. Once your direct deposit is in effect you will receive your advice remittance via your Union e-mail address. You can also sign into Employee Self-Service and see all your payroll advices.
  • When you receive your emails you will prompted for a password to open your document. The password is the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Insurance premiums are deducted a month in advance. How will this affect my check?

  • Insurance coverage for certified employees begins the first of the month following employment. Insurance for support employees begins the first of the month following 2 full months of employment. We deduct premiums a month in advance. So, it is important to make your selections in a timely manner to avoid being too far behind financially. If you choose coverage other than single, we will contact you about spreading the premiums out over 2-4 checks for health coverage only. All other coverage will be caught up on your first check with benefits.
  • 9/10 Month Support Employees with 12 month of benefits will have 3x their deductions on the June 10th check. Returning 9/10 month employees will have 4x their deductions on September 10th check. This will insure support employees have continuous benefit coverage during the summer.

Payroll Office Contact Information

  • The Payroll Office is located on the second floor of the ESC at 8506 East 61st Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133. Our hours are from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Check with your supervisor regarding ESC hours or closing for holidays and summer hours.
    Phone: 357-6060
    Fax: 357-6055

Why are there so many different sections of my pay stub?  

  • All of this information is required by law to be reported to the employee.
  • There are 3 main sections to your pay stub: Pay, Deductions and Leave Summary/Tax Information.  Within the Pay section there are 3 columns for fiscal year-to-date earnings, calendar year–to-date earnings and current earnings.  Within the Deductions section there is a section for Employee contributions and a section for Employer Contributions. Within each of these sections there are fiscal, calendar and current totals.  The Leave Summary section lists your current leave balances and the Tax information lists Calendar and current taxable wages as well as tax withholding amounts. Look only at the current column in order to see what affects your current paycheck.