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Early Childhood Center

Welcome to the Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center

Principal Alycia Pennington

Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center
13804 E. 46th Place South
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74134

Office Hours:
7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

School Hours:
7:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Main Phone: 918-357-7380

Drop Off Time   Pick Up Time
7:45 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. 2:15 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Resources Big Ideas of Early Childhood

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Early Childhood Center News

  • Naptime Serenades at Early Childhood Center


    Tulsa Symphony Orchestra musicians Susie Brown and Sarah Evans serenade 3-year-old students at the Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center. The program is called Naptime Serenades. The musicians play music in the hallways that pours into the classrooms as the young students take a short nap. Some of the classrooms play lullaby music as well. 

    continue reading

  • Learning takes shape at Early Childhood Education Center


    Enjoy these pics of three-year-old students on a Shape Walk at the Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center. continue reading

  • Paragon Films donates $5,000 to RPECEC


    Representatives from Paragon Films presented a check for $5,000 to Union Public Schools for the partnership between Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center and the Tulsa Symphony. continue reading

  • District Site Teachers of the Year announced


    Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Site Teachers of the Year! They are: (pictured left to right) Ashley Hairston, Shona Scott, Tammy Hallum, Susan Henderson, Alison Lamb, Becky Chapman, Renee Williams, Jamie Treseder, Shona Scott, Allison Newburn, Trent Spencer, Holly Parker, Tiffany Robles,  Julie Shadle, Linda English, Crystal Soltow, Wanda Gatlin, Alicia Abbott, Heidi Launius, and Janet Teel. continue reading

  • Union PTA shirts on sale & online!


    Extended: The Union PTA Council is selling PTA shirts online until midnight Sunday, October 30. The new shirts feature lots of new designs and colors. continue reading

  • Spider-Man talks to 3-year-old students


    Spider-Man visited children at the Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center over Fall Break. continue reading

  • Painting pumpkins at Early Childhood Center


    Teacher Alison Lamb shared these photos of 3-year-old students and their fmailies making festive pumpkin art and painting pumpkins. continue reading

  • School closed Oct. 19-21; Early Childhood Center to have special times


    There is no school Wednesday - Friday, October 19-21, to allow for parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday, and Fall Break on Thursday and Friday. The Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center, however, will be open Wednesday, October 19. The Early Childhood Center will be open until 11:15 a.m. Thursday and Friday. The Education Service Center and Enrollment Center will be open regular hours all week. continue reading

  • Farmer's Market comes to Early Childhood Center


    The Farmer’s Market came to the Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center Friday. Qualified families enjoyed the opportunity to select food items from eggs to fruits to take home free. The event was set up by the Community Action Partnership. continue reading

  • Pumpkin fun at Early Childhood Center


    Cute pictures of 3-year-old children measuring and investigating pumpkins. continue reading

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