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Welcome to Union’s newest link in parent communication!  Union Parent Online allows parents to monitor grades from any computer with Internet access.

Parents of PreK-3rd Graders:  Since pre-kindergartners through third graders use checklists to measure progress, letter grades are not posted for that age group.


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With the click of a mouse, parents can now check on the progress their student is making in any subject.  Union Parent OnLine is a password-protected link on the district’s website that allows them to monitor assignments, grades, schedules and attendance.

“We are excited to roll out this convenient way for parents to access important information that will assist in their children’s learning,” said Superintendent Dr. Kirt Hartzler.  “The service covers all Union students, but since pre-kindergartners through third graders use checklists to measure progress, letter grades are not posted for that age group,” he explained.

Safeguards are in place so that only those authorized may have access.  Parents download an authorization form and must then sign it and take it to their student’s school. (If there are siblings in more than one Union school, authorization forms to access all of the siblings’ grades can be taken to any of those schools.)  Once parents show a photo I.D. and follow a few simple online steps, the access process is complete.

Start the process today! 

Getting Started

Union Parent Online Setup GuideUnion OnLine

Step 1:  Go to the Online Access Request:

Step 2:  Enter the Account Information:

  • Parent Name: Last Name, First Name (Ex: Smith, John)
  • User ID: Enter a 6- to 20-character user name. (Case Sensitive)
  • Password: Enter a 6- to 20-character password.
  • Password Confirmation: Re-type the same password.
  • Secret Question: Create a question that can be e-mailed to you in order to remind you of your password. (Example: What is my dog’s name?)
  • Secret Answer: Type the answer to the secret questions. (Case Sensitive)
  • E-mail Address: Enter a valid e-mail address. This e-mail address will be used for district communications as well as to reset passwords.
  • E-mail Confirmation: Enter the same e-mail address as above.
  • Submit Button: Click “Submit.”

Step 3:  Assign Student to the Account:

  • On the bottom of the screen, click the Add Student button.
  • First Name: Enter the student’s first name.
  • Last Name: Enter the student’s last name.
  • Relationship: Indicate the relationship to the student. (mother, father, guardian, etc.)
  • Birthdate: Enter the student’s birthdate in the MM/DD/YYYY format.
  • School: Select the appropriate school for the student.
  • Click “Save.”
  • Repeat process for each student.

Step 4:  Print Authorization Form: (Note: A printer is required for this section.)

  • After all the students have been added, click the Print/Re-Print Authorization Form
  • Sign the authorization form and take it to your child’s school. If you have students in more than one school, you may take all the forms to any of those schools.
  • Once you show your photo I.D. (identification) and follow a few simple online steps, your Parent Online access is complete.
  • A separate authorization form will need to be printed for all students who will have records accessed online.

Once You’re Connected

Student Demographics

  • Click on the student icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  • If you have more than one student in the district, you will be able to change students from the drop-down menu by clicking the down arrow and then selecting a different student.
  • To navigate the Parent Online program, click the tab for the area you would like to view.


The grades that appear are the posted grades from all previous grading periods. The current grade will not appear in this section.

  • The grade screen will default to the first student you are authorized to view alphabetically.
  • If you prefer to see the number value instead of the letter grade, click on Display Numeric Grades directly below the “Grades” tab.
  • The student’s schedule/courses will appear in the left column under the “Course Title” header.


  • The first hour course will appear as the default. To change classes, click the Menu directly beneath “Assignments” and select a course.
  • The categories are defined as follows:
    • Due Date:  Date the assignment is due
    • Assignment:  The title of the assignment
    • Category:  The category shows the type of assignment (example: test, homework, quiz, etc.)
    • Grade:  Mark earned by the student
    • Max Value:  The maximum points available for the assignment

Sometimes teachers assign special grades to assignments. To see what these grades represent, click the Special Grades Legend button.

Elementary “assignments” are actually skills/concepts that are reported on the primary report cards.  These assignments are assessed once the skill is taught. 


  • Click the Attendance tab.
  • The columns are defined below:
    • Absence:  Only days with an absence will be shown.
    • Day:  The day of the week the absence occurred.
    • ODA:  The “Official Daily Attendance.”  This field may or may not be marked depending on whether the absence was an entire day or part of a day.
    • Column 1-18:  The period in which the absence occurred.  For elementary students attendance is recorded in half days.  (Period 14 = a.m., Period 15 = p.m.)
  • Questions about your child’s attendance code should be directed to the attendance secretary.


  • The Schedule Date will default to the current date.  If you  are accessing the system on the weekend, you will need to   change to a valid school date and click Display Schedule.
  • You may enter a future date to see the next semester schedule once it has been set by the office staff.
  • The columns are defined as follows:
    • Period:  Class Period
    • From Time:  Start time for each period
    • To Time:  End time for each period
    • Title:  Course title
    • Course:  Course number
    • Section:  Course section
    • Teacher Name:
    • Building:  Where the class is held
    • Room:  Room number
    • Status:  Whether or not the class is cancelled, whether or not the student has withdrawn

Academic History

  • Click the Academic History tab.
  • The columns are defined as follows:
    • Year:  The year the credits were attempted
    • Course:  Course title
    • SA:  Subject area
    • Dist:  The district where the credit was attempted
    • School:  The school code (Union sites only)
    • Grade:  The grade the student was in when the credit was attempted
    • Ltr Grade:  The letter grade earned
    • Num Grade:  The numeric grade earned
    • Attp:  The number of credit hours attempted
    • Earn:  The number of credit hours earned

Support/Help - Email questions

  • If you have forgotten your password/username and the online password reset feature does not work, call the Union Solution Center at (918) 357-6169.
  • The Solution Center will assist with any account problems and with basic troubleshooting for connectivity issues. Email questions.
  • The Solution Center is not able to address service provider issues or computer hardware/software problems.
  • Any questions about grades should go to the teacher. Attendance questions should be directed to the school office.

System Requirements

  • An Internet connection
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (Preferably 7.x or Firefox .x.x.x)
  • Windows 2000, XP or Vista
  • A computer mouse or any other type of graphical pointing device
  • A printer is also necessary for Step Four
Student Instructions

Our students now have the same opportunity to view their grades through our student/parent portal that our parents have. Students may pull up the Union web page, www.unionps.org, and see the link to PARENT ON-LINE. (see below)

Union Schools

Once a student has clicked on the PARENT ONLINE link, they will be taken to the parent page. In large red letters in the middle of the screen it says, LAUNCH PARENT ONLINE. Have students click on this link.

They will be taken to a white screen that says LAUNCH CLASSROOM MANAGER. Students should click on those words.

A gray CROSSPOINTE screen will appear. Students should log in using their regular school computer log-in information in the windows provided. Once students have logged in, they will see another white screen with a small icon of two red and green heads in the top left hand corner of the screen. Students should place their cursor on that red and green icon and click. Grades can be found under the tab labeled, ASSIGNMENTS.

Lisa Witcher
Executive Director of Secondary Education
Union Public Schools