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The Union Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a volunteer child advocacy association, under the umbrella of the National PTA, which provides parents and families with a powerful voice to speak on behalf of every child providing the best tools for parents to help their children become successful students.

The purpose of the Union PTA is the same as that of all PTAs:

  • To support and speak on behalf of children and youth in the schools, in the community, and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children;

  • To assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children;

  • To encourage parent and public involvement in the public schools of this nation.

In order to accomplish these goals, it requires the teamwork of parents, teachers and administrators within the school system.
The Union PTA comprises a PTA Council and PTA chapters at each school site, including a PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) at Union High School at the Union Alternative School.
The PTA Council oversees district wide programs that benefit all of the students through several programs including Klothes Kloset, Catch the Dream, Meet the Masters, Reflections and Kids on the Block. The representatives from each site help ensure these programs are a success.


At the end of each school year, the PTA presidents write a communique, sharing the achievements each chapter has had.


PTA Scholarship


The purpose of the Union PTA Scholarship is to encourage students to continue their education, whether at a college or a vocational setting. We strongly encourage all seniors to apply. The application is to be completed by Friday, March 13, 2015. To be eligible the senior must have attended UHS for the last three consecutive semesters and be a member of the Union High School PTSA by January 30, 2015. Details of completion requirements are on the application. Questions can be addressed to Christa Jones, Union PTA Council Scholarship Committee, cljtulip@gmail.com.


To apply, click on this link and follow the directions.



Attention PTA officers please go to the Union Council Facebook page and 'like us' for news on upcoming events and opportunities!

Featured Programs

Catch the Dream is a PTA Council-sponsored recognition program to honor outstanding staff members. Students at each school nominate staff members who have gone above and beyond their normal duties to be entered into a monthly drawing. The winners at each site are in turn entered into a monthly district drawing to be recognized by the entire district.

Kids on the Block  a program that is coordinated with Union’s drama departments, counselors, and Drug-Free Youth to raise awareness about illegal drugs and alcohol. The program involves D-FY youth visiting schools and performing puppet plays with appropriate messages at different functions and schools.  Students volunteer for the skits.

2015-2016 Meeting Schedule to be announced

PTA Council Board 2014-2015


Committee Name Email
President  Leigh Roy leighleighroy@gmail.com
Vice President Liz Martin alanandliz@cox.net
Secretary Dana Garcia  twobusy2001@aol.com   
Treasurer Betsy Francis thefrancis5@cox.net    
Bus Driver Appreciation Stephanie Schmidt                        slschmidt63@cox.net                                                 
Bus Driver Appreciation  JaAnn Beffer    jaann@beffer.com     
Catch the Dream Charlotte Cook charlotte.cook@cox.net
Clothing Closet Darlene Wheeler d-wheeler-biz@cox.net
Clothing Closet Jean Jones  
Directory Carol Hunt  carol.h.anne@gmail.com
Financial Secretary Garnieta Davis dngdavis@sbcglobal.net
Hospitality Stacey Liedel liedels@cox.net
Installation Banquet Jean Jones jeanjones12@yahoo.com
Installation Banquet    
Legislation Michell Jones cm99jones@cox.net
Legislation Katie Geier geier.katie@gmail.com
Membership Beverly Laubach rblaubach@cs.com
Parliamentarian Jean Kelley  
Reflections Rachel Welch


Social Media Tari Cunningham  
T-Shirts Bobbi Lyles mikeandbobbiplus7@gmail.com
T-Shirts Michelle Abrams michs31@yahoo.com
T-Shirts Susan Ragina Edith1913@gmail.com
3 Times a Charm Julie Knight juliek@kfoc.net
 2014-2015 PTA Presidents
School  President E-mail
Andersen Julie Walker jbwalker98@yahoo.com
Boevers Jennette Pierce jp@jennettepierce.com
Briarglen Rachel Welch gypsybz@yahoo.com
Cedar Ridge Megan Setter cedarridgeptapresident@gmail.com
Clark Keni Boland


Darnaby Allison Foster  allisonf@pennwell.com
Grove Celesta Catcher catcher.celesta@unionps.org
Jarman Co-Presidents Tina Sutton                  Melody Barnes  tinasutton76@yahoo.com                                                           mbarnes828@windstream.net
Jefferson Stacey Roemerman stacey_roemerman@hotmail.com
McAuliffe Lisa Shotts                Cindy Evans shotts.lisa@unionps.org                                     Ajemom.cge@gmail.com                 
Moore Jill Flynt jflynt4@cox.net
Peters Clark Borgelt clarkjulie1@cox.net
Rosa Parks Angela Severn flowerfire2002@cox.net
6/7 Grade  Center Liz Martin alanandliz@cox.net
8th Grade Center Danielle Stinson dsandsh@icloud.com
9th Grade Center Nancey Posey  Nancyposey@cox.net
High School Sheffra Stauder rstauder@cox.net
Union Alternative School Election to be held next fall reynolds.ami@unionps.org
Union PTA Council Leigh Roy unionptacouncil@gmail.com

Congratulations to the following students for being the 2014-15 recipients of the Union PTA Council Scholarships.

  • Abigael Burch
  • Jessica Conrad
  • Taylor Cox
  • Madeline Harney
  • Brianna Harrison
  • Aldyn Lieberman
  • Zachary Monaghan
  • Isabella Roy
  • Daniella Royer
  • Monica Venkatesha
  • Alexandria Wheeler
  • Kara White
  • Madison White