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Peters Teacher of the Year

When pre-kindergarten teacher Tammy Hallum isn’t teaching her students about things like how different soaps are used to clean clothes and bodies, she is attracting the attention of her peers. They named her the Teacher of the Year at Peters Elementary School.

The decision to become a teacher came later for her than some.

“My last semester of college was approaching fast,” Hallum said. “I reflected on my current degree I was pursuing and my future career. The future job field didn’t hold any excitement in my heart. I really wanted to do something challenging and important. Something that would be of value to society.  Teaching came to mind. I thought back to my elementary teachers and how they made such a difference in my life.  Thank you to Mrs. Bush and Mrs. San Francisco for caring about me as a person and encouraging me to follow my dreams. They gave me the foundation to be a passionate lifelong learner.

“There isn’t a better way to make a difference in the world!  My excitement to start my degree in education began. Each and every day is interesting.  Students are funny, caring, and inquisitive about the world around them.  I get incredible joy seeing my students gain new insights and learn about themselves.”

Getting to know student likes and interests helps Hallum create an inviting learning experience.

“I handle students with different teaching needs by having various quality workstations available to encourage different types of learning. By allowing children a chance to choose which activities they want to participate in, they take control of their own education and sometimes without be aware that learning is taking place,” she said.

Hallum hopes all students will learn they are loved and unique. “It is critical for students to love themselves and others by showing them appreciation and compassion. I hope they are excited to learn new things and become lifelong learners.”

Hallum’s teaching career began in the fall of 2007.  “My full internship was at Grove Elementary in Union. During my internship, I saw firsthand the caring and dedication the teachers had for their students. I knew then that Union was where I wanted to spend my career.”

Looking to the future, she said, “I hope I am still teaching awesome Pre-K students in the Union school district and possibly working on my master’s.”

Hallum graduated from Northeastern State University with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. She also holds a teaching certification in early childhood education.