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 Charlie Bushyhead

Charlie Bushyhead
Assistant Superintendent for Support Services / Biography



The Union Support Services Division strives to create, support, and maintain an exemplary learning environment.   Through efficient and thoughtful planning the division supports the district goal of 100 percent College and Career Ready for all Union students. 

The hundreds of dedicated and hardworking employees in the division maintain more than 2.8 million square feet of facilities serving more than 15,000 students. The district includes 13 elementary schools (grades PreK-5), a 6th/7th Grade Center, an 8th Grade Center, a 9th Grade Center, the Union Alternative School (grades 9-12), a High School (grades 10-12), the Transportation, Operations, and Maintenance complex, and an Education Service Center. 

See the statistical section of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for additional enrollment and facility details.


The Support Services division has developed purpose statements in each of its departments to ensure quality and service for the Union Public School district and to continue Union's tradition of sustained excellence.

1. To create and foster an attitude of customer service

  • All support services personnel will be provided the appropriate on-going training and tools to do their job effectively.
  • All support services personnel will be encouraged to complete tasks in a timely manner.
  • All support services departments will use available technology to aid efficiency, accountability and service.

2. To model and maintain a positive culture based on honesty and integrity

  • All support services personnel will be expected to be ethical in all communications and business practices.
  • All support services personnel will be positively reinforced through recognition programs in their respective areas.
  • All support services personnel will be encouraged to consistently model good character and ethics.

3. To promote and demonstrate teamwork by aligning divisional goals with the district vision and the search for continuous improvement

  • Support services directors will communicate the annual division and department goals that support the overall mission of the school district.
  • Support services directors will be expected to develop and achieve annual goals.
  • Support services personnel are encouraged to pursue individual goals that further the mission of the school, district and enhance personal development.
  • Support services personnel are encouraged to contribute their knowledge and expertise to provide a safe and efficient work environment. 


The Support Services Division for Union Public Schools includes nine different departments that provide services throughout the school district.  Each of the departments has a director specifically responsible for running the day to day operations.  The departments include the following:

Child Nutrition

Lisa Griffin

Lisa Griffin, Director / Biography
The Child Nutrition department has more than 100 employees and is charged with feeding all students breakfast and lunch throughout the district.  The food services department ensures that all federal and state guidelines are followed to provide all students with healthy nutritious meals.  The department has established nutritional standards for all foods that are available on each school campus during the school day.  The department also provides guidelines for student wellness and is instrumental in measuring the implementation of the wellness policy by involving a broad group of individuals in its development and growth.

The Child Nutrition Department served 793,128 breakfasts and 1,533,549 lunches in 2013. In addition, more than 50,000 breakfasts and lunches were prepared for early childhood, and 170,000 after-school snacks were provided. Meals were also served during summer school - abut 18,000 breakfasts and 19,000 lunches.

Six Union elementary schools participate in the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, sampling such delicacies as dragon fruit, gold kiwi, pluots, and apriums. With a $185,000 USDA grant, the program addresses rising obesity rates, an overabundance of highly-processed foods, and the lack of availability/high costs of fresh produce. Child Nutrition also supports the Oklahoma economy and agriculture by purchasing as much local produce as possible.

Child Nutrition also supported Oklahoma economy and agriculture by purchasing as much local produce as possible from a farm in Stratford, Oklahoma—Peach Crest Farms, and tomatoes from a Broken Arrow company, Eden Veggies. The farm-fresh vegetables and whole-wheat pizza crusts made from Oklahoma wheat were popular with Union students Pre-K through 12. 

Construction Services

Fred Isaacs
Director of Construction Services / Biography

The construction management department oversees all major construction that is done in the district.  The long range planning committee is a long standing board of education appointed committee that determines the growth and facility needs for the district.  The construction department manages the pre-construction, designing, bidding and building of all newly constructed facilities.


Sarah McBryde

 Sarah McBryde, Director / Biography
The Facilities Department is responsible for scheduling and coordinating all events held in the District.  This office maintains the District Facilities Calendar, resolving scheduling conflicts and addressing event requests and needs.  The Director of Facilities chairs the District Facility Use Committee which discusses and prioritizes facility use requests.

All facility use contracts for rentals are negotiated and executed through this Department with final approval from the Board of Education.  The staff of the Facilities Department works cooperatively and jointly with other District departments in order to provide optimal services to the District and patrons, as well as the community.

This department is also instrumental in promoting partnerships and sponsorship opportunities between Union Public Schools and the business community.

Operations and Maintenance

Art Churchill, Operations Manager

Operations includes the custodial and grounds departments for the school district.  There are more than 100 custodial employees in the district. They are charged with cleaning and maintaining of the buildings.  Each of the school sites are provided with a certified building engineer and custodial staffing that is appropriate to the square footage of the building. The grounds department maintains the outside grounds for all of the facilities .

The maintenance department services the entire school district. It include licensed electricians, plumber, carpenter, painter, locksmith and telecommunications.  The maintenance department also oversees some of the smaller renovation projects that occur throughout the district.  Maintaining the integrity of school facilities is part of the comprehensive capitol improvement plan that is reviewed on an annual basis. The warehouse department provides mail service, food storage and distribution, and records storage for the district.

Purchasing and Distribution

David Young

David Young, Director  / Biography

The Purchasing and Supply Management Department is responsible for the procurement and distribution of quality goods and services necessary for maintaining an effective teaching and learning environment.

Union Public Schools strives to conduct all business transactions in a fair, ethical and equitable manner. All Union schools and departments are required to follow the school district’s purchasing policy, Purchasing Policy 3010.


Dave Stauffer

Dave Stauffer, Director / Biography

The director of safety oversees the new School Safety Alert System and safety training for the district.

Union Public Schools believes in the importance of keeping students safe and secure, whether they are in a classroom, an extracurricular activity or even traveling between school and home. Not only is keeping students safe and secure important, it is a priority.


Ty Wardlow

Ty Wardlow, Director / Biography

Union has in place an initiative to manage and consolidate the Union School District’s security and prevention services providing the opportunity to explicitly address security, orderliness, and caring in our schools.

Utilizing the principles of progressive collaborative community engagement, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and peace building, Union is creating the necessary processes and providing the technical assistance to bring together Union school stakeholders to support them in assessing their needs and strengthening their capacity to leverage all available resources to develop and sustain peaceable schools.

Special Projects

Lee Snodgrass

Lee Snodgrass
Executive Director of Special Projects / Biography

Lee Snodgrass became the Executive Director of Special Projects in June 2014. In this new position he will be involved in planning, directing and coordinating district projects. A few of the projects include the district’s Green Up initiative, elementary playground repair and replacements, and planning for the new elementary school.

Snodgrass works closely with Fred Isaacs, Director of Construction, and Art Churchill, Operations Manager, on district construction projects and minor renovations particularly with FF&E purchases and the planning and coordination between departments.  Snodgrass’ background as Executive Director of Technology, Executive Director of Operations and Executive Director of Project Management has prepared him to manage the many facets of district projects and help coordinate between departments to ensure our students and staff gets the support they need.



Gary Greenhill

 Gary Greenhill, Director/ Biography

Nearly 10,500 students ride the bus on a regular basis. Union’s 95 buses cover more than 889,669 miles, which is approximately 5,055 miles—comparable to a round trip to Managua, Nicaragua —each day. Activity buses transport students 84,537 miles during the year. Fuel costs totaled $599,100 in 2012-2013.

The transportation department employs approximately 70 bus drivers to run the 60-plus routes for the school district. 

The transportation department provides busing for students in kindergarten through the 12th grade.  Students must be eligible to ride a school bus which equates to the student living 1.5 miles from the school site or crossing a hazardous street.