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 Charlie Bushyhead

Charlie Bushyhead
Assistant Superintendent for Support Services / Biography


The Union Support Services Division strives to create, support, and maintain an exemplary learning environment.   Through efficient and thoughtful planning the division supports the district goal of 100 percent College and Career Ready for all Union students. 

The hundreds of dedicated and hardworking employees in the division maintain more than 2.8 million square feet of facilities serving more than 15,000 students. The district includes 13 elementary schools (grades PreK-5), a 6th/7th Grade Center, an 8th Grade Center, a 9th Grade Center, the Union Alternative School (grades 9-12), a High School (grades 10-12), the Transportation, Operations, and Maintenance complex, and an Education Service Center. 

See the statistical section of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for additional enrollment and facility details.


The Support Services division has developed purpose statements in each of its departments to ensure quality and service for the Union Public School district and to continue Union's tradition of sustained excellence.

1. To create and foster an attitude of customer service

  • All support services personnel will be provided the appropriate on-going training and tools to do their job effectively.
  • All support services personnel will be encouraged to complete tasks in a timely manner.
  • All support services departments will use available technology to aid efficiency, accountability and service.

2. To model and maintain a positive culture based on honesty and integrity

  • All support services personnel will be expected to be ethical in all communications and business practices.
  • All support services personnel will be positively reinforced through recognition programs in their respective areas.
  • All support services personnel will be encouraged to consistently model good character and ethics.

3. To promote and demonstrate teamwork by aligning divisional goals with the district vision and the search for continuous improvement

  • Support services directors will communicate the annual division and department goals that support the overall mission of the school district.
  • Support services directors will be expected to develop and achieve annual goals.
  • Support services personnel are encouraged to pursue individual goals that further the mission of the school, district and enhance personal development.
  • Support services personnel are encouraged to contribute their knowledge and expertise to provide a safe and efficient work environment. 

2013-2014 Statistics

Child Nutrition

  • Served 1,533,549 lunches – average 9,100 per day
  • Served 848,481 breakfasts – average 4,991 per day
  • Purchase approximately $4 million of food each year including Farm to School produce
  • 183 employees, of which 42 are Serve Safe certified and Culinary Arts trained


Current Projects / Recent Projects

  • 6th/7th Grade Center Fine Arts
  • 6th/7th Grade Center Office/Classroom Addition
  • Softball Field Upgrade
  • 8th Grade Center Project
  • High School Track
  • Parking lot projects
  • Flooring projects
  • Security Door Upgrades at Rosa Parks, Grove, and Jefferson
  • Operations Remodel
  • Transportation Break Room
  • Andersen Cabinet Upgrade


  • 14,785 event days booked
  • 35,437 rooms used
  • 1,390 rental events
  • 2,295 rooms used
  • Schedules for both district and non-district events
  • Facility scheduling not only encompasses the actual event but all the communications, operations, and maintenance to prepare, set up, run, and clean up every event.  This makes accurate scheduling very important.


  • 118 full and part time custodians clean and maintain 3,323,544 sq. ft. of  building space
  • 14 employees maintain 426 acres of school property at 23 different sites
  • 116 dumpsters are emptied daily by one refuse truck operator
  • 10,128 work orders completed this fiscal year by 15 maintenance employees
  • 1 Child Nutrition Equipment Technician
  • 4 HVAC Technicians
  • 2 Electricians
  • 2 Plumbers
  • 2 Electronic Technicians
  • 1 Painter
  • 2 Carpenters
  • 1 Locksmith


  • 978 orders delivered
  • 295 moves
  • 53,461 items/cases/boxes delivered
  • 264 contracts reviewed
  • 2,680 pallets of food delivered
  • 527 surplus auctions
  • 2,606 cases of copy paper
  • 417 Dell quotes
  • 53 new copiers purchased
  • 5,000 mail deliveries made


  • 7,364 safety training videos have been completed
  • 90.2% successful completion rate
  • 36 separate training topics completed
  • 24 site safety walks completed
  • Raptorware updated
  • SafeSchools Alerts program implemented


  • 11 full time Security Officers
  • 2 Tulsa County School Resource Officers
  • 1 Broken Arrow Resource Officer
  • 40 Provisional Officers
  • Each officer has 20 hours of training per year
  • Average 70 incident reports each year
  • Provide security for all Athletic, PAC, and UMAC events


  • Currently 97 employees and 12 open positions
  • 70 buses running daily routes
  • 48 shuttles
  • 24 after school routes
  • 1,342 activity trips
  • 94 school buses
  • 86 support vehicles
  • Transport as far away as Sand Springs for McKinney-Vento students