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Welcome to the home of the Union Redskins – Union High School!

Say the word Redskin and you picture a group pulling together to create an everlasting bond. This group comes from all directions in the academic, athletic, extracurricular activity, and scholastic disciplines. Say the word Redskin and you picture a never-say-die warrior who was the first in all our history; a brave and sturdy chief who looks after what he has and is eager to take on and conquer what is in the future.

It is our mission to provide our community of learners with educational opportunities to acquire and develop the best possible academic, vocational, recreational, social, and participatory skills, enabling them to become valued, contributing members of a changing global society.

Union High School
6636 S. Mingo Road
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133-3247

Office Hours:
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

School Hours:
8:20 a.m. - 3:55 p.m.

8:45 a.m. - 3:55 p.m.

Fax Numbers
Registrar: 918-357-7210
Activities: 918-357-7100
Attendance: 918-357-7112

Union Schools
1-855-4ALERT1, ext. 1221

Parents: To save time, please use one of these direct lines to call us. For students, whose last name begins with ...

12th Grade
L-Z 918-357-7207

11th Grade
L-Z 918-357-7145

10th Grade
L-Z 918-357-7283

Contact School Nurse

For all other inquiries, you may call: 918-357-4323. Use of the main number may cause a delay in response time.


Seniors - Class of 2014

John Chargois

Principal John Chargois

Juniors - Class of 2015

Gart Morris

Principal Gart Morris

Sophomores - Class of 2016

Tony Tempest

Principal Tony Tempest

Director of Student Life Denise Vaniadis Student Activities Philippa Kelly

 Resources -  Graduation Packet 2014 - Graduation Celebration 2014


High School Class Offerings 2014-2015 - See individual class videos at Course Offerings


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Union High School is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. High standards for quality education are assured by membership in NCA. This accreditation is based on the High School’s commitment to excellence and quality programs.

Philosophy of Education

We believe that Union High School has the responsibility to assist each student to develop his/her intellectual, physical, and moral potential as fully as possible so that he may be a productive member of society and lead a personally satisfying life. We believe that education is a continuing lifelong process, encouraging curiosity and creativity, and that the results of the learning process may not be immediate or measurable but of enduring value.

Union High School Philosophy

The philosophy of Union High School is not static, but must be flexible enough to reflect the changing needs of the students and the community. Union High SchoolIn order to implement this philosophy, we believe that academic freedom as defined by the school and the community is essential in order to help both students and teachers live in a changing society.

We feel a strong obligation for helping create within each person respect for his own worth and for that of every human being. We believe that all students, regardless of ability, should have an opportunity for personal recognition and fulfillment in some phase of the educational process, be they academic, social, or civic. We recognize that an understanding of the democratic process is developed through study and participation. Furthermore, the involvement in the democratic process during adulthood should be an extension of these high school practices. We encourage pride in heritage, appreciation of diverse cultural backgrounds, and understanding of individual and national freedoms. We affirm that cultural, ethical, moral, and spiritual values are central to the home, but that the school also has a responsibility in defining and reinforcing those values vital to a democratic society.

School Goals

Union High SchoolThe overall instructional goals of Union High School are to develop the abilities of each student and to allow him/her to master the following basic academic competencies:

  • Communication skills necessary for effective writing and speaking expression.
  • Listening skills necessary for exchanging ideas critically and constructively.
  • Skills necessary to read effectively and comprehend fully ideas presented through the written media.
  • Skills required for understanding and using scientific principles and methods.
  • Gain knowledge of numbers and acquire skills in the use of mathematical concepts.
  • To have understanding and appreciation for the American heritage and other cultures through the world.
  • Study skills to gain competency in acquiring knowledge for lifelong learning.
  • Self-understanding and a feeling of self-worth.
  • Good citizenship and an awareness of civic responsibility


Union High SchoolClubs/Extracurricular Activities - See lists of clubs

The High School also provides many extracurricular activities and organizations for students. These organizations include Academic Team, Art Club, Scottish Skins, Red Cross and more. Key Club, National Honor Society and Student Council are always actively seeking various community service projects and offer an abundance of manpower and enthusiasm.

Students also have many opportunities to participate in athletics, intramurals, spirit teams, drama, band, music, Leadership activities, community service and more. Many of the programs are nationally recognized. If you have a question about activities or events at the high school, please call the main number and ask for the activities office.

For the exemplary record of leadership, service and activities that serve to improve the school and community, Union High School was awarded a 2013 Gold Council of Excellence Award by the National Association of Student Councils.


Union High stands proud forever!
Loyalty rides high.
Memories, forget them never
As the years go by.
Friends, we make from year to year.
Watch as goals are reached
Union High will always be dear
To our destiny.  

Union Redskins, hats off to thee
To our colors true will ever be,
Firm and strong united are we.
Rah, rah, rah, rah
Rah, rah, rah, rah
Loyal to Union High.

Union High SchoolSchool History and Features

Union High School was built in 1972, moving secondary students out of the original Union school which housed kindergarten-12. The High School was originally 26,400 square feet with 30 classrooms, restroom facilities and offices. By 1985, eight additions had been made, enlarging the building to more than 12 times its original size. By the opening of the 1998-1999 school year, yet another addition, a 36-room classroom wing with a commons area, was readied for use. Patrons in the district have chosen to enlarge the current building rather than risk splitting the Union community by building a second high school.

The High School also features a 2,000 seat Performing Arts Center which accommodates student performances and occasionally plays host to well-known artists and community events. Thanks to voter support, the High School’s fine arts department was renovated to include a new fine arts wing and staging area for the Renegade Regiment – Union’s award-winning marching band. The PAC was renovated in 2009 and re-opened in 2010.

The High School also features a second theater space for smaller productions, baseball diamonds, a running track, practice rooms for wrestling, a gymnasium, newspaper and video production rooms, a dark room for photographers and even a special oven for art students working with ceramics. In fact, because the High School is so large Union is able to offer many more electives than smaller high schools.

Nearby on the same campus is the Union Multipurpose Activity Center (UMAC), a mid-sized venue unlike any other in the region. It includes a 5,600-seat multi-use arena, versatile floor space, the U-Wear Spirit Store, locker and dressing rooms, concessions, offices and the Y at Union Wellness Center. Voters in the Union district overwhelmingly passed two consecutive bond issues to pay for the $22-million building. After two years of construction, the UMAC opened its doors in November 2003.

In the 2011-2012 school year, Union restructured its 10-12th grade classes, assigning principals by class level rather than grade, meaning students will have the same team of principals and counselors following them each year. During the same year, the High School was under construction for the new Collegiate Academy wing which opened in the fall of 2012. The expansion allowed more room for incoming sophomores who moved from the old Intermediate High School (now 9th Grade Center) and college-oriented courses and additional classrooms and eating areas. Learn more about the Collegiate Academy and check out our College and Career section.