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“Whether we are male, female, short or tall – we are Redskins. Whether we play sports, attempt to play sports, join a spirit squad, sing in the choir, act in productions, play in the band, produce artwork, do all or none of these things, we are Redskins. Whether we are first in our class or last in our class, we are Redskins. Whether we are staying close to home, attending college out of state, getting a job out of high school or enlisting in the armed force, we are Redskins.”

Welcome back, Union Redskin alumni! Union Public Schools invites you to reconnect with your alma mater, former classmates and old teachers. We also would love for you to visit, watch our games and shows, participate in activities and volunteer your talents. You are Redskins for Life, after all!

Union offer offers a number of ways for you to reconnect and we keep making improvements.

Union Alumni Center

In 2012, Union opened the Union Alumni Center, located in the main entry area for the High School.  The center features memorabilia from throughout the district’s history as well as computer access to all the yearbooks as well as old photos. Union plans to keep updating the center, adding video from former alumni and staff members.

Class reunions are coordinated by alumni, who plan reunions, special functions and maintain contact information of former classmates. Union Public Schools provides a calendar to post events and may post additional information as it becomes aware of them. Union does not oversee or plan reunions.  Union will work with alumni for special arrangements, such as providing tours of school buildings, for reunions, but it does not always know when reunions may be scheduled unless someone contacts the District or plans to hold reunion activities on Union property.

Visit our Alumni Facebook Page!

In many cases, alumni stay in contact with former classmates through other means such as or

If you are coordinating an alumni event and need information or wish to post something on Union’s alumni calendar, please contact us!


Contact information for the Class of 2007 reunion has been posted.

 Did you know this piece of history about the Union Alma Mater?

1981-Union-High-School-Marching-BandThe original tune is from "Annie Lisle," an 1857 ballad by Boston, Mass., songwriter H. S. Thompson.  The tune was later used as the Alma Mater for Cornell University, and has since been used by colleges and high schools all over the country including ours.

It took the work of a few people to rediscover the original lyrics and the tune for the Alma Mater used by Union High Schools in the early half of the 20th century.

Shortly after Denise Vaniadis, retired Director of Student Life, came to Union in 1992, she worked with then Principal Dave Stauffer and Kenille Elmore, then director of Union Choirs, to bring back the Alma Mater which had not been sung in decades.

“Denise and Dave were instrumental in wanting to bring back the Alma Mater,” explained Linda Blythe, an administrative assistant at the High School. “Kenille was the choir director at the time. I know we were singing the Alma Mater in 1994-95. We have sung the Alma Mater in all assemblies, retreats and graduations since then.”

Elmore found the lyrics.

“The words I found in an old Union yearbook,” Elmore recalled.  “I think it was the 1921 yearbook.  Then, I found the tune that was used.  Doug Henderson arranged two tunes for my choir.  One was too contemporary sounding, the other was more traditional.  That is the one I started using and is still being used to this today. Hopefully, this history will never get "lost" again.”


Union High stands proud forever!
Loyalty rides high.
Memories, forget them never
As the years go by.
Friends, we make from year to year.
Watch as goals are reached
Union High will always be dear
To our destiny.

Old football stadium renamed the James W. Sanders Memorial Stadium

James W. SandersAt the behest of nearly 200 alumni, the Board of Education renamed the old football stadium at 64thStreet and S. 101 E. Avenue the James W. Sanders Memorial Stadium in honor of the influential teacher, coach, counselor, and administrator who served Union from 1958 until 1976.

January 18, Pat (Gotcher) Harris, Class of 1965, presented to the Board a petition signed by 179 alumni who graduated from Union in 1936 through 1976, requesting the stadium that their teams used be named in honor of Sanders.

A renaming committee appointed by Superintendent Dr. Kirt Hartzler and chaired by Senior Executive Director of Communications Gretchen Haas-Bethell included Board of Education President Patrick Coyle, PTA Council member Myra Golden, UCTA member and 9th grade teacher Arynn Biggs, USPA member and Senior Transportation Lead Frank Brazwell, Associate Athletics Director Steve Dunlap, and High School senior Miranda Morrison, a member of the Student Council and Union Highsteppers.

Committee members reviewed the petition and Sanders’ biography. Not only were they impressed with Sanders’ coaching success—a record five District Football Championships and Union’s first State Football Championship in 1963—but they also noted his strong character and leadership.

A quote from Harris resonated with the committee. She wrote, “We all remember the man who taught us how to win, not just in sports, but also in life.” Apparently, James W. Sanders was an early example of what Union students, parents, and employees now characterize as “The Union Way.” The committee’s decision was unanimous.

Alumni will pay up to $1,200 for a plaque to display at the stadium. Any leftover funds will be added to the $500 scholarship the group will award to a 2016 Union graduate through the Union Schools Education Foundation.

Alumni News

  • Taste of Union returns for Homecoming Oct. 7


    Union Public Schools will host A Taste of Union, in which the public will have a chance to try food from various sponsors and vendors, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Friday, October 7, at the UMAC, 6836 S. Union. The event, which was first held in 2010, will be a fund raiser for the Tulsa Area United Way. The event will coincide with Homecoming. continue reading

  • Travel in style to Southlake for football game


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  • Union employees urged to Go Light the World at back-to-school kickoff


    "Supporting public education must be perceived as a moral imperative to sustaining a bright future for our children in Oklahoma and our country. We must continue to remind our state leaders and policymakers about the exponential value of such an investment," Superintendent Dr. Kirt Hartzler told more than 2,000 employees at kickoff Wednesday. "Public schools are a vital part of the American dream!" His speech and selected photos as well as a special video inside.

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  • Excellence in all we do


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  • Alumni News: Thad Bibb promoted to Air Force General


    Thad Bibb, who was Student Council President in 1987, has been promoted to the rank of general in the Air Force, according to Counselor Tammy Garcia, who was his teacher at the time. continue reading

  • Union Alumni: Where Are They Now


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  • Union would like to thank all the vendors, staff who helped kick off the new year


    Union Public Schools would like to thank all of the sponsors who helped kick-off our new school year! Union would particularly like to thank Rocket Brothers for donating the tea and coffee. Employees for Rocket Brothers were at Union as early as 2 a.m. in the morning to prepare tea and coffee for the event, which brought in more than 2,000 employees together. See inside for more photos of faces in the crowd at the event.

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  • Heather McAdams: The Union Way keeps us on a mighty path to make a difference


    "It takes us all. We ARE a team, we are Union. We have the Union Way and it keeps us on a great and mighty path that lights the way and leads bright-eyed three years olds through elementary and middle school and eventually to high school and out to make a difference in the world," Board of Education President Heather McAdams told more than 2,000 employees at the annual back-to-school kickoff Wednesday. "We are Union and we are an amazing, successful public school!" See her complete speech and faces in the crowd inside. continue reading

  • Volunteer opportunities for High School students


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