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Lisa Griffin

Lisa Griffin
Director of Child Nutrition / Biography


New federal changes regarding snacks, beverages

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Callie Fowler
Executive Chef, Culinary Operations Coordinator

Robin Hill
Coordinator/ Elementary Schools

Angela Treat
Secondary Schools

Evelyn Davis
Office Lunch Application contact

Bernice Tharps
Food Service
Purchasing Agent/
Senior Financial Clerk

Carissa Trost
Financial Clerk
Lunch Application contact

Libby Anderson
Nutrition Education

Cafeteria Managers
(School Sites)

Union SchoolsThe Child Nutrition Department plays a critical role in establishing a healthy school nutrition environment for the promotion of optimum health.  In addition to providing nutritious meals in each school cafeteria, the Child Nutrition Department helps sets goals for nutrition education, physical activity and other school-based activities designed to promote student wellness. 

By establishing nutrition standards for all foods that are available on each school campus during the school day, the department assists the district in promoting student health and reducing childhood obesity.

The department also provides guidelines for student wellness and is instrumental in measuring the implementation of the wellness policy by involving a broad group of individuals in its development and growth.

Hot Lunch Program

Union SchoolsUnion students have the option of bringing their lunch or purchasing a hot lunch, sandwich or salad in the school cafeteria. Elementary students should purchase lunch tickets from the cafeteria manager between 8:30 and 8:45 a.m. Schools can accept either a daily cash payment for meals or a pre-paid dollar amount ranging from $1 to $200. If lunch money is lost or forgotten, a student is permitted to charge lunch for three days only.

Elementary students are allowed three lunch charges only.  Upon accumulating three charges, the student will be served a cheese sandwich and milk. No lunch charges are allowed at the secondary level.

Food may not be ordered from outside vendors and/or delivered to school without prior permission from the principal. Parents must check in at the school office first when delivering food items. Parents must be present with the student in the cafeteria if food is brought in from outside.


Students may pay for an entire month or an entire semester. Money is deposited in each child's lunch account and deducted daily. With pre-payment, students do not need to carry money to school on a daily basis.


School breakfast will be available at all Union Public School sites. The cost for a student breakfast at the elementary level is $1.20. Lunch prices are subject to change during the school year as the need arises.

Extra Money?

Parents, are you looking for extra money? Cafeteria jobs are available now and the hours are convenient. For more information, contact the Child Nutrition Department at 918-357-4321.

Meal Prices

Breakfast - All Students $1.20
Breakfast - Adults $1.65
Elementary Lunch $2.00
Lunch Grades 6-9 $2.30
Lunch - High School $2.50
Lunch - High School Deli $2.75
Lunch - Adult $3.20
Extra Milk
Reduced Lunch
Reduced Breakfast
Fast Foods & A La Carte
Cost Varies

Parents are always welcome to join their children for lunch. The price of an adult ticket at the elementary or secondary level is $3.20

Fresh Veggies 

Union Schools

Union Child Nutrition is proudly purchasing locally grown, fresh, ripe, organic tomatoes from Eden Veggies located in Broken Arrow. We are working to provide the most nutritious foods and support the local economy, as well.