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Sandi Calvin

Sandi Calvin / Biography
Executive Director of Elementary Education

Union SchoolsInnovative education occurs at each of our elementary schools. Union elementary schools are committed to providing educational programs focused upon excellence and designed to meet diverse student needs. In addition to a comprehensive academic program, a character education program, Character Counts!, is an integral part of student experiences at the elementary level. Recognizing that a cheerful climate enhances learning, students enjoy modern facilities that are maintained on a continual basis.

List of Elementary Schools

Highlights of the elementary program include:

  • Comprehensive literacy program featuring a wide variety of engaging literature resources and strategy instruction, including the services of reading specialists when needed.
  • Technology incorporated as an integral part of each elementary school. Classrooms and labs have Internet access. Up-to-date hardware and software ensure that students benefit from technology resources.  
  • Student-operated television studios are active at all elementary schools.
  • Media centers which support the total academic program through extensive collections of materials for students’ use.
  • Science labs at every school.
  • Inquiry-based science instruction endorsed by the National Science Foundation and designed to ensure students master national science standards.
  • Inquiry-based math instruction designed to ensure students maintain national math standards.
  • Before/after-school and summer enrichment and remediation programs.
  • Gifted/Talented services and Special Education services at every school.
  • Exchange City, a program offered by Junior Achievement, helps students learn how a city operates.

Union SchoolsProviding Options

Parents may choose from a variety of programs providing flexibility to meet students’ and families’ needs.

  • When a student enters first grade, parents may choose a primary multiage classroom or a single-grade classroom at some schools.
  • At other school sites, parents may choose to participate in a looping program in which students may have the same teacher for two years.
  • The Extended Day Program (EDP) provides a before- and after-school program for those families who need it.  
  • Parents may take advantage of early childhood education opportunities through the Parents as Teachers program and the Preschool program.

Union SchoolsCurriculum Enhancement

Every school is staffed with certified specialists in the following areas:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Media
  • Gifted/Talented
  • Special Education
  • Reading
  • Counselor
  • Nurse