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SemGroup takes Rosa Parks kids to Herve Koubi show

Originally posted March 14, 2019

by Misha Trimm, Corporate Communications team member at SemGroup

SemGroup Rekindles Partnership Between Rosa Parks Elementary and Choregus

It was a pretty magical (and late!) night for some SemGroup employees, their families and about 65 Rosa Parks Community School students and their families last Tuesday. The groups came out for Herve Koubi, a French Algerian dance company known for an incredible show of street dancing and acrobatics. The act was presented by Choregus Productions, a local non-profit production company known for showcasing international talent on Tulsa stages. 

SemGroup partnered up with Choregus and was able to invite the entire fourth grade class from Rosa Parks along with their families to the fascinating performance at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center (PAC). The students were treated to a pizza dinner at the school cafeteria and then loaded up two school buses to attend the show.   

“Some students had never been to the PAC before, which made the performance an even more special event for them,” says Laura Latta, Community School Coordinator.

The show started out quiet and grew into a roar of music from Wagner, Mozart and Faure, with some smooth dance moves, and even acrobatics on top of walking sticks. As a special treat, the students got to meet and visit with the dancers after the show.

“The students loved getting to meet the dancers. What a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” says Laura.  “On the way back, students on the bus exclaimed ‘that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen’ and ‘I have no idea how they learned how to do those moves’.”

Choregus, with Rosa Parks’ support, had planned a live demo at the school open to all grades on the Monday before the show, but school was canceled due to inclement weather. 

“The students and staff were pretty bummed about the demo getting cancelled,” says Danielle Brinlee, Community School Coordinator and GATE teacher with Rosa Parks. “But hopefully Choregus can come back to Rosa Parks with a new set of performers for a demo next year.”

“We were thrilled to bring Herve Koubi back to Tulsa and even more delighted to invite Rosa Parks’ fourth grade students and their families to the show, even considering the snow and cold day on Monday,” said Ken Tracy, Choregus executive director.

SemGroup Communications Analyst Misha Trimm serves on the board of Choregus and recently rekindled a partnership between the production company and Rosa Parks.  The late Charles Johnston was a music teacher with Rosa Parks for many years and also a board member for Choregus. He worked tirelessly to coordinate show opportunities for students presented by Choregus.  In his honor and to keep his memory alive, all tickets issued last week to Rosa Parks students, staff and family were listed in his name.

“It meant so much to us to see Charles Johnston’s name on each of our tickets. That inspired a few happy tears from the group,” said Laura.

 “Charles loved these students and he would be so happy to see them still get opportunities to go to the theatre and see the arts and enjoy music,” said Jazmen Jones, a music teacher with Rosa Parks.

Herve Koubi is currently touring the U.S. with a fresh show about the humanity of barbarians and geniuses from obscure times.