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Cedar Ridge kids have blast studying about germs

Originally posted February 13, 2017

Cedar Ridge ffth graders in Katrina Philpot's class have been studying how the organs in our body help to fight off infection, how germs are passed and even investigating as we try to trace back and use all of the evidence documents they provided to deduce how this infection is spreading through the school.

"We looked for patterns and connections between students who were sick. They had to think about the types of behaviors that can help pass germs. We used charts in our PLTW journals to trace the spread of the illness from person to person and they reported their findings in a case report," she said.

"We ended painting t-shirt and making wall charts of the organs that help us every day! This gave each child a visual of where these organs are located and what they look like. We are having a blast with PLTW," she said,

Katrina Philpot is National Board Certified Teacher.