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Orientation for virtual learning set April 10

Originally posted April 6, 2012

Students taking Union Virtual Learning Academy classes next year need to have a parent attend a parent orientation schedule for 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 10, at the High School Performing Arts Center. Direct questions to teacher Teresa Hudson at


Launch UVLA

Union Virtual Learning Academy provides a unique opportunity for high school students in the Union Public Schools District to have a challenging educational experience in a supportive online environment. Students have access to classes across the curriculum any time, any place. Union Virtual Learning Academy (UVLA) offers core classes, and interesting electives. Courses are self-paced, interactive, and supported as students communicate with highly qualified teachers. Each student is monitored by a certified teacher at Union Public Schools. Union has a commitment to quality and high standards. Courses within the UVLA program are for first-time credit only and are not for credit recovery.


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