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Union Logos

May 16, 2005

By KIM BROWN Tulsa World Staff Writer
(Reprinted with Permission. This is not an endorsement.)

A committee has agreed that the district's color should be a bright red, not maroon, and that there should be only three logos.

Union Public Schools will take steps to standardize the district's colors and logos, a district official said Monday night.

In a report to the school board, Union's director of communications, Gretchen Haas-Bethell, said a committee found that the district uses several different shades of red in its athletic, spirit and fine arts uniforms.

The panel also found that the district's stationery and business cards bear a maroon shade. In addition, some groups, such as booster or parent organizations, have used variations on the district's colors and logos, she said.

Haas-Bethell said the committee will publish a guide to be posted on the district's Web site and given to all employees starting next school year. "The committee agreed that the Union red should be a bright red -- not maroon," she said. Haas-Bethell also noted that the district's logos should be more unified. The committee decided that district materials should bear one of three main logos.

Union uses two forms of a "U" logo, including the "split U" that is trademarked by the University of Miami.

The district voted in 2003 to pay the university $1,000 a year to use that logo. It also uses an American Indian's face as a logo to represent the "Redskins" school mascot.

This logo is used mostly on secondary school materials, although three elementary schools recently have adopted it, Haas-Bethell said.