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Board approves boundary changes

Originally posted May 9, 2011

Approximately 200 students, or three percent of the Union district’s 7,200 elementary school kids, will be going to different grade schools this fall under a new redistricting plan approved by the Union Board of Education. The move is an attempt to ease crowding and more evenly distribute student enrollment numbers.

Of Union’s 13 elementary schools, only seven are directly impacted---Boevers, Briarglen, Darnaby, Grove, Jarman, Moore, and McAuliffe.  Parents on the District’s Long-Range Planning Committee reviewed various plans before recommending this particular one to the Board.

Speaking for the committee at last month’s Board meeting, parent Ken Daily described the process as difficult but said the plan they recommended was the least disruptive of all those they considered. “The total number of students affected is low, but understandably, if you are affected, the numbers don’t really matter to you,” Daily said.  “Committee members were sensitive to that.”

The Board’s decision was made after seeking patron comments via the district website where the Long-Range Planning Committee’s recommendation was posted last month.  Details of the plan are available at the links below, and the district is notifying parents whose students are directly affected by the boundary changes.

Orginally posted April 28, 2011

Union Board Considering Elementary Boundary Changes

Union’s Long-Range Planning Committee is recommending a plan to redraw some of its elementary boundaries to more evenly distribute the number of students attending Union’s 13 elementary schools.  If approved by Union’s Board of Education in May, approximately 200 students would be directly affected.

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