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Union in good position in terms of teacher positions

Originally posted June 11, 2019

"Never" isn’t a word that Jay Loegering uses very often, but it applies here.

“Never. Never. It’s never been anywhere close to that,” said Jay.

Loegering is the HR executive at Union Public Schools. He said the district has never been in this good of a position this early in the summer. For the first time since he can remember, Union has filled 70 percent of their open positions.

“In the past years with budget cuts, we’ve actually been just now figuring out what positions are being cut,” said Loegering.

Jay said Union is in this position thanks to the teacher pay raise and the increase in education funding.

“I’ve heard teachers make the exclamation, 'I’m now at 50 thousand.' These are teachers with master’s degrees,” said Loegering. Continue reading