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Union offers free online program for students grades 6-12

Originally posted June 5, 2019

What if your child could receive a quality education from home for free?

Well, we are offering just such a program called Union Virtual. It’s open to kids in grades 6-12 who live within the Union Public Schools district - see map. Students don’t even have to be currently enrolled at Union. The program launches this fall and we invite you to apply. Enrollment is limited to the first 100 students so apply now. And, did we say it’s FREE? 

Apply to Union Virtual

Online SchoolPrevious programs limited the number of online classes.  Not this one. Union Virtual allows students to take all of their courses online.  Kids also have the option to take one elective course – like music or sports – in a face-to-face setting. Download mailer using the download button on this page.

Families are invited to a public meeting at 7 p.m Tuesday, July 9 at the Union Multipurpose Activity Center to learn more. Applications are available at The deadline to apply is August 1. 

Participating students will be issued a school-owned laptop for use while enrolled. 
All students accepted into Union Virtual are required to take six rigorous hours of instruction per day. Students will be able to proceed at their own pace with an option to work ahead and progress at a faster rate if they desire.  

Most instruction will occur online, but every student is assigned a certified teacher who will monitor their progress, provide assistance as needed, and will be the point of contact between the student, parent and their grade-level school site.  

All students need internet access 6-8 hours per day in order to receive instruction and complete assignments. Union can provide a portable MiFi device that will allow the student to work from home.

To be eligible for Union Virtual, students in grades 6-12 this fall must live in the district, be enrolled full-time with Union Public Schools, and may not be enrolled in any other program or school (private, online or homeschool). Once their application has been accepted, they must be enrolled with Union no later than August 9, 2019.  

Applicants will be evaluated based on academic performance, attendance, motivation, and home academic support. 

Union Virtual is based in the Union Innovation Lab located at 5313 S. Mingo Rd. All students need home internet access 6-8 hours per day in order to receive instruction and complete assignments. Union can provide a portable MiFi device that will allow the student to work from home.


Union VirtualAbout the program

The program targets students who live in the district, but may not be enrolled at Union today, according to Gart Morris, executive director of Instructional Technology.

“Living within our boundary are students who are currently homeschooled or ones who haven’t been served well by traditional brick and mortar schools," Morris said.  "At the same time, these students may crave the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities like band, orchestra, cheer or athletics.  By enrolling in Union Virtual, they are also a member of their grade-level appropriate school, with the ability to participate in the full array of clubs, programs and activities offered at their school site. No other virtual program can compete with the Union experience.”

This virtual offering is designed for students who are highly motivated and have strong parental support of academics at home.  It is not for students who struggle academically; however, it may be a good option for students who struggle with social/emotional issues. Union encourages students to talk with their teachers and counselors to determine if Union Virtual is the best option for them.