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Union approves redistricting plan

Originally posted March 13, 2019

The Union Public Schools Board of Education unanimously voted Monday evening to approve a redistricting initiative that will affect hundreds of students at four overcrowded elementary schools.

Most of the 350 students affected by the change will begin attending Ellen Ochoa Elementary School in August, while the rest will transfer to Jarman Elementary School. See Tulsa World story.

“We are extremely pleased with the work of Union’s long-range planning committee and our board for listening to the needs of our community,” Associate Superintendent Charlie Bushyhead told the Tulsa World. “We wanted to conduct this limited redistricting effort in a way that would be the least disruptive for our students and families.

“With this change, it allows us to reduce overcrowding in four of our schools while limiting the impact to only 350 students. It also allows us to open the second half of Ellen Ochoa Elementary in the fall with a full complement of students.”