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Moore teacher publishes 2nd children's book

Originally posted February 7, 2019

Moore Elementary enrichment specialist Brenda Maier is celebrating the publication of her second children’s book, “Peeping Beauty,” a spin on the classic story of Sleeping Beauty featuring chicks.

“It is really a story that teaches young children about the importance of patience,” Maier said, as the characters wait for eggs to hatch. Maier celebrated the release of the book with a party in the media center at Moore Elementary Wednesday, February 6.

About the plot, the Amazon website writes, “Mama, Papa, and their little family can’t wait for their newest chicks to arrive. But one little chick just doesn’t want to break out of its shell in this sweet spin on the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty.” The book, which is illustrated by Zoe Waring, is also available at Barnes and Nobles.

The book is Maier’s second book following last spring’s release of “The Little Red Fort,” which has been adopted by other states, such as Tennessee, for their reading lists, and was just adopted by Texas as well. The story is about a little girl who decides to make a fort and build one by herself after her brothers laugh at her and tell her she does not know how to build, and observes the principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.)