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Grassroots efforts springing up to support Union teachers

Originally posted March 13, 2018

Union Classroom Teachers Association to offer $5 t-shirts and a Darnaby mother plans to offer t-shirts as well - all to support teachers and raise awareness of the importance of teacher raises. Another effort s under way to observe Support Teachers Week March 26-30.

You can see the UCTA teacher design in the photo gallery at the bottom. 

This post was shared on the Union Public Schools' Faceboook page:

Support Teachers Week March 26-30
Mon.- Green-Give them their money.
Tues.- Blue-We are blue for you too.
Wed.-Orange-We are angry for you, you deserve more.
Thurs.- Black- Black Out, Oklahoma teacher pay neglect must end.
Fri.- Red- We love & appreciate our teachers.
PTA & PTO please help spread the word. Let's make this happen!!!
All students please participate by wearing the colors on the perspective days. Even if it's just a ribbon, bow or bracelet.

From the UCTA Facebook Page: A huge THANK YOU to our School Board Members for their unanimous support for teachers and students! Those who spoke tonight were very sincere and it was a great reminder of why we're fighting so hard!

Here are a few pictures of our members showing their support tonight!