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Union Wellness Challenge starts today!

Originally posted Febvruary 14, 2018

Are you ready to look and feel better? Then join the OU Health at Work Team for the Spring 2018 Union Wellness Challenge! We will start our Challenge on February 14th with a focus on activity and then each week we will add a challenge that will help you develop the habits that contribute to better health and wellness.

Our Challenges focus on practicing behaviors that over time become healthy habits that will happen without even having to think about them. We will address habits like making healthy food choices, drinking enough water to stay hydrated and to support a healthy metabolism, getting enough sleep so that you are refreshed and function better during the day, as well as a variety of other behaviors over a twelve week period. Each week you will receive a handout with resources to help you learn more about your challenge.

To add an element of healthy competition each worksite is a team and can compete against all the other teams. Talk to your coworkers and encourage them to join you in the competition to see which team will become our Spring 2018 Union Wellness Challenge winners! We know you will improve your health and overall quality of life and have fun in the process.

Sign up today! The challenge begins Wednesday, February 14!

Questions? Call Linda Smith, R.N. at 918-357-7376