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Taking books to students

Originally posted August 9, 2018



They come alive when they start talking about the plot lines of the latest “Peppa Pig” and “Knuffle Bunny” books. They get excited as they name students and what they’ve written on the little cards they fill out after reading a book. Cards that say things like, “I love dog bcoues(sic) there soo cute. There even help people.” Some just have pencil pictures scribbled on them.

“Hang on, I hit curbs,” Lisa Shotts says as she pulls to a stop.

Children in the neighborhood run down the middle of the road with book bags slung over their shoulders. They implore younger siblings to hurry.

It takes two teachers to grab a large Yeti cooler full of frozen pops out of the back of the bus. Two more teachers pull a slide out, fixing it to the back door so children can slide down.

The well-choreographed routine happens every Wednesday about 16 times, as the new nonprofit Gaining Ground delivers books to Union Public Schools children.

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