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Board Report - July 10

Originally posted July 11, 2017

See past Board reports/minutes

Board approves policy change to weighted grades

Board members on second reading approved a proposal to increase weighted grades for some courses that do not have AP or Pre-AP (Advanced Placement) stated in the title to be designated as such if the course is approved by the Board. The policy change was first considered for approval in June. See policy changes.

The new policy, which was recommended by a weight grade committee, has the following changes:

  • All High School-level PLTW (Project Lead The Way) courses be weighted as a five, with one exception. The Biomedical Innovations course, which the committee recommended be rated as a six-point course, has been recognized by several universities for college credit.
  • The Biotech course be weighted as a five-point course,
  • Concurrent enrollment college courses could be designated as five-point courses.

Board considers child nutrition charge procedures

Board members reviewed an updated child nutrition charge policy. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires schools to have a child nutrition charge policy in place to outline how the district will address lunch charges, collections, and consequences for unpaid lunch charges.  The Union Public Schools Child Nutrition Department has had a charge policy in place for years but is now required to take the policy to the Board for approval.  The one significant change from the previous policy is an increase in the amount of money owed prior to any changes in the meal options for the students.  The new policy addresses how unpaid meal balances will be treated to ensure that students are not embarrassed or experience what is sometimes called “lunch shaming.”

“First and foremost, we want to make sure that students receive a nourishing meal, and that they aren’t embarrassed when they are unable to pay,” said Charlie Bushyhead, Assistant Superintendent for Support Services. “Many students may be eligible for free or reduced lunch, and for whatever reason, they have not applied.  We consistently encourage families to apply.”  The district will post the new policy on the district website for public comment and take the policy back to the Board in August for approval. 

Board declines to make changes to Student Athlete contract

The Board of Education voted against making changes to the existing Drug and Alcohol Contract for student athletes.