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Clinic newsletter posted

Originally posted February 6, 2017

The Clinic for Union employees has distributed its latest newsletter with good healthy tips. To view, click on the download link on this page.

February is a month to focus on your heart, that tiny, fist sized organ in your chest that sustains your life! It beats from the time it is formed until you die and we very seldom contemplate what a wonder that is. Take time this month to learn about your heart and what you can do to keep it healthy. If you want to start simple, check out Mayo Clinic’s quick start Healthy Heart Plan, “Eat 5, Move 10, Sleep 8”.

Little steps can make a big difference. If you are not new to eating healthy and exercising but need something to move you off of that weight loss plateau, think about a new cardio routine or some menu tweaks from Oldways. Learning to eat healthy and exercise will certainly help reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes (a major contributor to heart disease) and even certain cancers. Take care of your heart and it will take care of you!

Schedule a Lunch & Learn in March: Want to start a walking program but not sure where to start. Call Linda Smith, Wellness Nurse to schedule a 30 minute presentation on walking. 918-357-7376.

Reminder: The Diabetes Prevention Program starts February 7 in the Wellness Room at The Clinic.