Voter registration books close Friday, January 19 (24 days prior to the election).  Completed registration forms must be postmarked by January 19. You can obtain a registration form at any Union school site, the Union Education Service Center, or the Tulsa County Election Board. For more information, call the Tulsa County Election Board at 918-596-5780. More Information

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Vote Tuesday, February 13.
See our Bond Election Section for details.

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Be There ... It's a Great Place to Start

Originally posted January 12, 2018

Freestyle isn’t a successful strategy when it comes to attendance.  If you’re going to take it to the mat, you must consistently make contact, and that means being present. 

A half-nelson won’t cut it.  We need you fully engaged.

#UBeThere #ReptheU

Education built on the foundation of participation

Educational programs are built on the foundation of continuity of instruction and participation in the classroom setting. Consistent classroom attendance can lead to the development of strong work habits, responsibility, and selfdiscipline.

Because attendance also has a definite correlation to academic performance, the quality of a student’s education suffers when he/she is absent from class. Students are encouraged to maintain regular attendance and to schedule non-academic activities during times which will not conflict with classroom instruction. See Union's attendance policy