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Union Repertory Theater presents 'Our Story' Oct. 9-11, & 13

Originally posted October 2, 2018

Union Repertory Theater presents “Our Story,” an original production written and directed by drama instructor Troy Powell, at 7 p.m. October 9-11, and October 13 at the Union Performing Arts Center. Tickets are $5. Rehearsal images from Monday can be seen below.

The story is set in a hospital ward where the patients pay more attention to the stories on television that their real life. One girl, in particular, has shut herself off from the real world despite the attempts of a family member, who also happens to be the therapist. When an orderly crushes on the therapist, he latches onto the idea of telling a story that the patients can overhear so he can spend more time with her.

 “Our Story” is a one-act play that Union also entered into the 6th annual Oklahoma One Act State Competition hosted by Union Theatre.

Cast: Shalem Baissa, Aidan Ryan, Klea Myers, Madie Davis, Blake Brown, Brooklyn Bannister, Cameron Greeno, Charlie Steele, Boston Briggs, Josh Winett, Hailey Funkhouser, Jackson Spyres, Kennedy Clark, Savannah Quant, Sarah Andrews, Olivia Smith, Brayden Marchant, Kaitlyn Guerrero, Sam Bennett, Aaron Thomas, Cade Bailey,
Ryan Moran, Mekhi Bellamy, Cara Standish, Riahn Morton, Jackson Kreider, Madie Addis, Kate Lembke

Crew: Cheyenne Coppinger, Tabitha Maben, Samir Khaskiee, Ellanora Bell, Shelby Bearden, Aaron Chambers, Clarissa Schuller, Kaytlyn Green, Mel Ryals