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Union to host fall break camp Oct. 19-21

Students in Union in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to take part in Fall Break Camp October 19-21. Deadline to enroll in the camp is 5 p.m., Tuesday, October 11.

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SafeSchools Alert

SafeSchools Alert is our district's tip reporting service. If you have information about a threat to our safety, do your part and report it. And remember, you can remain anonymous. A safe and secure school environment is essential to the learning process. An important ingredient in achieving safe and secure schools remains alert eyes and ears. Safety is achieved when an atmosphere exists in which students are comfortable talking with adults about their concerns.

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Seven seniors named 2016-2017 National Merit Semifinalists

Seven seniors have been named 2016-2017 National Merit Semifinalists at Union High School. They are: Abigail B. Cornett, Stephanie K Royer, Bella Zhan, Colton J. Benningfield; and in back, Timothy D. McMullen, Wade G. Witcher, and Daniel C. Royer. Congratulations!

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Union blazing the trail; serves up local foods for children

Union Child Nutrition is blazing the trail in the school food industry by serving locally grown foods in all of their schools.  Union will highlight its efforts as it celebrate National Farm to School Month in October. Serving local foods reduces the long distances and fuel it takes to transport foods from the farms in California to the school.  Nutritional analysis of these fresher fruits and vegetables shows that there are more nutrients available, and the taste is much better.  Purchasing products grown in Oklahoma keeps the money in the state, providing farmers a more steady revenue.

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