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Elementary Encouragement

The Union College and Career Center, located in the High School, has a mission to create a culture of college or career preparedness for all students. Creating this culture requires that parents and teachers work together starting at an early age.  Our slogan is “It is never too early to plan for the future.”  To reach our goal of 100 percent high school graduation and 100 percent college or work force readiness, we view each student's journey as a link in a chain.
 The College and Career Center is delighted to be a link in the chain on your child's road to graduation. We have partnered with every school in the district to promote a culture of college and career readiness. Representatives have and will continue to be present at Back to School Nights and community nights. We have partnered with counselors to bring parent outreach to each site.  When you volunteer to read to our youngest students, you may be asked to share about your career or college experience. Elementary students may practice their map skills by locating universities throughout the state.  High school students and Union graduates will lead younger children in goal setting activities such as career pictionary, coloring college mascots, and designing career brochures. 

 The school and teachers are the next important link in the chain. It could be the 1st or 2nd grade teacher who teaches a student to read.  Or the teachers who give your student the skills in writing, math, science, social studies, performing arts, language, or computer skills.  Academic instruction provides the groundwork for future success. 

Extracurricular activities create another link in a child's success.  It could be that membership in Drug-Free Youth helps with a student's decision to be drug-free or participation in art, drama, languages, performing arts, or band that helps a student develop self-worth, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment. These skills will help them later as they move on beyond their school career.  Leadership, clubs, and volunteer participation assist children in developing their talents and interests.

Parents, of course, are the first link in the chain. We encourage parents to take every opportunity to discuss careers with your children. When you are at the grocery store, discuss with your children the jobs associated with purchasing food for the family. You can talk about the farmers who grew the food, the trucks that delivered it, or the corporations that sell the food in supermarkets. Whether they are at the auto mechanic or at the bank, we encourage parents to take advantage of the daily opportunities to discuss jobs and paths to careers.

Every child learns in a variety of ways and at different rates. The College and Career Center is committed to ensuring every child's success.  Each link in the chain is equally important, and our students would not reach their goal without every single link.  The College and Career Center is proud to help all students of all ages plan for!