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Cedar Ridge Teacher of the Year

Music teacher Jamie Treseder has been named the Teacher of the Year at Cedar Ridge Elementary School.

“My high school choir teachers were an inspiration to me,” Treseder said.  “They had excellent classroom control, were extremely talented themselves and had a passion for sharing the joy of music with their students. They also seemed to genuinely enjoy their jobs!  I grew up singing in church and school choirs and took piano lessons from first grade through college.  Because of my own love of music, and the example of my choir teachers, I decided my junior year of high school that I wanted to pursue a degree in Music Education.  I have never looked back!”

Now, Treseder is an inspiration to her students and fellow teachers

“The great thing about elementary music is that there really is something for everyone,” she said. “I plan a variety of activities, including singing, movement, instrument playing, games and smartboard activities so that no child sits still too long!  Children learn in different ways and sometimes a concept has to be taught from several angles before it clicks—and this is okay.”

Treseder said she hopes kids learn the basics of music and more.

“The basics are keeping a steady beat and matching pitch,” she said, half-jokingly. “Seriously, though, my goal is for children to learn to appreciate different styles of music, and to realize they are musicians themselves.  If my students enjoy coming to music class in elementary they are much more likely to continue with the arts in secondary school.  I also do a musical with every grade level every year.  I feel it is an awesome way to spark a love of music in my students while building their confidence at the same time!”

She began her teaching career at Union in the fall of 2001. 

“I started out teaching music at Grove Elementary and transferred to Cedar Ridge in the fall of 2005, where I have been ever since,” Treseder said. “There are many reasons I chose Union as the place I wanted to be. First, I have always had a profound respect for Union Public Schools and its strong fine arts department.  Also, my aunt, Sue Kirk, taught 23 of her 30 years at Union, and my cousins and many friends attended Union as well!  I also did my student teaching at Andersen and had an amazing experience.”

In five years, Treseder said “I honestly still see myself teaching music at Cedar Ridge, doing what I love!  Both of my children will be in secondary school by that point so my husband and I will be navigating that new chapter as well.”

Treseder graduated from Jenks High School (sorry!) and went on to study at Oral Roberts University.  “At ORU, I received a bachelor of arts degree in music education with a vocal emphasis.  I also earned a master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (T.E.S.L.) from ORU.”