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Cedar Ridge Curriculum

Union SchoolsLooping

The primary team at Cedar Ridge provides an opportunity for the students in first grade to loop with their teacher and classmates to second grade the following year.  Looping is a program in which a class of students and their teacher spend two consecutive years together. 

This allows teachers to spend less time practicing procedures and getting acquainted with the students at the beginning of the second year which allows more time to be spent on learning. 

It also helps students feel more comfortable and less stress over the summer because they are already familiar with their classmates and teacher.  Parents and the classroom teachers can build a strong partnership through the consistent communication and expectations created over the two-year period.

Project Lead The Way (STEM)

The program was designed and developed by Project Lead The Way, the nation’s leading provider of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) education curricular programs for middle and high school students.

By offering this new elementary STEM program to its students, Cedar Ridge expanded its high-quality educational offerings for students. 

PLTW’s elementary program is designed for students in kindergarten through fifth grades and will align with standards such as the Oklahoma State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Through a series of topic-based modules, students will engage in design problems that encourage collaboration, analysis, problem solving, and computational thinking.

Junior Achievement and Exchange City

Union SchoolsFifth grade students at Cedar Ridge participate in Exchange City, which is part of the Junior Achievement program.

Exchange City offers our students an opportunity to have first-hand experience with financial literacy, entrepreneurship citizenship, interdisciplinary learning and application skills.  Cedar Ridge also participates in the “JA in a Day” program which exposes the students in first through fifth grades to ways that they can impact their world as individuals, workers and consumers. This curriculum is taught by volunteers who are trained by Junior Achievement.

Steps to Respect

This program focuses on discouraging bullying. Steps to Respect takes a whole-school approach to bullying, bringing all staff, students and families into the solution.

Union SchoolsThis school-wide approach sends a message to students that adults take bullying seriously and that it is safe to come forward when there is a problem. 

It helps create a climate of trust and safety for the students and gives them clear steps to take if they find themselves or witness someone else in a bullying situation.

Character Counts!

Character Counts! is a program fully integrated into the fabric of our school.  While there is no specific curriculum that is assigned for the teaching of character, many activities are used to demonstrate each of the traits.

Some activities are school-wide, such as assemblies, character quotes of the day and award presentations for showing good character.

Other activities take place in the context of classroom such as discussions regarding current events or storybook characters and the life lessons demonstrated throughout history.

A faculty steering committee helps coordinate the integration of character education into our school’s environment.  Students demonstrating these traits throughout the day can be awarded a coupon as a means of immediate recognition.  Our students take great pride in bringing their coupons to the office so they can be put into a school wide drawing each Friday.

Student Organizations

Union SchoolsStudents are offered many group and individual opportunities to become involved in our school and community. 

Student groups include Student Council, safety patrol, chess club, primary math masters, Polar Bear Club and intramural sports.

Students also have the opportunity to apply for positions on the KCRE Broadcasting Team. 

These students learn to run video equipment, write script for the broadcast, provide announcements as KCRE Anchors, and interview various people for special reports for the morning program.

Cedar Ridge Honor Choir is another activity that is open to fifth grade students.  This group performs for school assemblies, at some community events and at PTA Spirit Nights.