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Career Connect

Industry Partnerships and Service Learning

The Union Career Connect program provides students the opportunity to explore a variety of careers while still in high school, thus leading to more informed post-graduation decisions and to more engagement between students and elective coursework.  

Union Career Connect also serves as a bridge for students interested in receiving training while still in high school which allows them to pursue a career and/or specialized career training upon graduation.  Students enroll in service learning as an elective through Union High School and then are placed in career internships or service roles according to their interests.  Students also complete a variety of coursework to fulfill an academic component within the program.

For example, Union’s Manufacturing pathway allows students to complete coursework with a Tulsa Community College instructor.  The Automotive Technicians Program has on-line curriculum.  Service Learning students complete a structured written reflection tying service experience back to specific learning goals.

Amanda Howell

Amanda Howell 
Career Connect
Industry Partnerships
College & Career Crew Sponsor

Linda Parker
Career Connect
Service Learning/Job Shadowing
College & Career Crew Sponsor

Career Connect Resources Union High School

Unless otherwise noted, please contact Amanda Howell.

Career Connect Student Brochure - Union Career Connect - Click here


We will publicize job opportunities for business partners through our social media including Facebook/Twitter/email & text message blasts, and scrolling TV announcements.

Open Forums

Business partners can schedule 20-minute visits to the high school to discuss opportunities available to our high school students.  Business partners can schedule a 10:30 a.m. and a 1:30 p.m. visit. These time slots accommodate all students, even those who are off-campus at morning or afternoon tech. The morning and afternoon forums can be scheduled on different days if necessary.  Please email Lea Ann Nolen to schedule those visits. Union will advertise the event to students and they can sign up on-line to attend during class.

Career Fair

Union hosts a career fair each fall. 

On Site Job Interviews

Business partners can schedule a block of time 1-3 hours, where they set up an informational booth in our College & Career Center.  In the past companies have held on site interviews for interested students, or just had information and resources to distribute.

Service Learning

Students can use 1-2 elective class periods a day to perform community service or unpaid job shadowing in the community.  We currently have students placed in dental offices, veterinarian hospitals, The Little Light House, Union schools, and with numerous other business partners throughout the community.  Please contact Michi Morris if you are interested in hosting a Union student with your company or organization.


This falls under our Service Learning program.  Students leave campus two hours a day to receive specialized training.  We currently have an Automotive Mechanic Internship with the City of Tulsa and a Manufacturing agreement with APSCO/BAMA/EPSCO LLC.  This is an actual class which serves 6-15 students and in most cases will have credentials associated with it through Tulsa Tech, TCC, or special certification organizations.
Job Out:

Students who work can be approved to leave campus 6th hour (2:20-3:20) to attend a paid working position.  Students who are employed and interested in this program can contact Amanda Howell   (*Students, not business partners need to arrange for Job Out.)

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